In The Same Frame | Arizona Family Session

Blogging has gone on the back-burner for the past several months, while I focused on Unraveled Academy and mentoring; but as we dive into a brand new beautiful year, I feel it’s fitting to blog the final session I had from 2018.

Just a few days prior to Christmas, I was fortunate enough to capture the genuine connection between this Mama and her eight loves. I truly have never had a more calm, collected, magical session. The weather was heaven, the location was divine and I was able to connect with each individual in a real way. So, Merry Christmas to me ;)

Even though I KNOW this Mama has her hands more than full, she carries herself with grace, shows her patience and showers her family with love. I’m truly in awe of her and hope to be a fraction of that in my own motherhood journey. She is also a brilliant photographer herself, and you can follow along on her journey by clicking HERE.

So without further delay, here is the Pudenz Family of nine, all in the same frame.

Happy Saturday everyone. Go hug your babes and linger a little longer than usual.

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