Cannon Beach Family Session

This session was like a dream.  The sand....the water....the soft breeze.....the light.   Having the opportunity to shoot in such an amazing place had me filled to overflowing with gratitude.  But, that still wasn't the best part.  No, the best part was getting to document a family like this.  Let me assure you, none of this was posed and it was all authentic.  They are quite possibly some of the loveliest people I've ever photographed.  You see, I connected with the Mama, who is also a photographer (and an amazing one at HERE to see her work), through my Facebook group and with my non-profit.  She also became a student of mine when she took my online workshop, UnRaveled.  I always new she was a lovely person and quite possibly a kindred spirit, but meeting her in real life solidified that for me.  We drank wine on the beach and talked about motherhood.  We laughed... a lot.  I can honestly say I cried over a few of these images, because I knew how much they would mean to much they would mean to any mother.....and how much she deserved them.  This is what I love to create....beautifully authentic moments with amazing people.  Damn, I love my job.

I urge you to click play on this song before looking at their images.  Trust me.

Coleen HodgesComment