Hodges Beach.

Last week was spring break and we took full advantage and rocked some beach camping.  It was simple and wonderful and freeing as hell.  For one week, the kids were dirty and happy.  For a lot of photographer parents, the internal battle between being fully present in the moment and documenting the moment, can be real and it can cause a lot of internal stress.  But I'll be honest, even with my camera in front of my face, I still feel massively present, maybe even more so.  Not once did I alter a moment and I gave zero direction.  I was just THERE, with them, in the moment.... documenting....both close up and pulled back....an observer AND a partaker in and of the joy that was happening.  

Things that I want to remember about this trip......

1.  Not having to bathe children for five days (and it be acceptable) rocks.

2. Coffee tastes better in a camping mug, it just does.

3. The sand was warm on our feet and the breeze had a slight chill to it.  And it was the perfect combination.

4. Declan decided that his new favorite song is American Pie, so I included that in this post for your listening pleasure.  It really does pair nicely with the images.  Good choice buddy.

5. We slept in the same sleeping bag, one kid in each of my nooks, and I can still smell the tops of their sand-filled hair.

6. They really are the best of friends.  Yeah they fight like hell some days, but at the end of it all, I know their bond is true and strong.

7. We named our spot "Hodges Beach" and we will be back.