The Day After The Wedding

As a newly un-married person myself, I am constantly questioning the concept of marriage.... what does it really mean to be married.... why do so many "fail" at it.... is it necessary.... the questions go on.  And then I shot Rachel and Kyle's wedding.  And I was reminded that marriage is simply a way to celebrate love.  And weddings are merely a way to celebrate marriage.  It really is that simple.  Because at the base of it all, it just..... love.  And I really believe that love is the best thing we, as humans, can do. I think that is why this session spoke to my heart so much.  The day after the big event.... messy after-wedding hair, coffee in hand, the morning light streaming in on them as they celebrate the first day of married life, which was no different from their life before, as it should be. A simple celebration of love.  And I dig it.

This whole set was edited with the soon-to-be-released Rad Pack Presets, co-created by the amazing Twyla Jones and the Unraveled Academy Team.

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