We just got back from the beach two days ago.  It was one of the best trips I've been on, although admittedly too short.  We could have stayed there for weeks, truly.  But, for a few days, we had no schedule, no rules, no timeline.  I decided to document the story of our little vacation in a very relaxed manner.  Except for the few self portraits, there was zero prompting and absolutely no posing of any kind.  I also did something new.... I shot for FEELING only.  I gave no regard to proper composition and I ignored my perfectionist side completely.  What I wanted was to show exactly how we were and exactly how we felt.  The kids wore exactly what they wanted to wear and did exactly what they wanted to do.  I kept my camera close by, but didn't have it out the entire time.  And when I brought it out, it was like they didn't even notice, like it was just a part of the story and the fun.  I can honestly say that I've never felt more at peace about documenting a family adventure of ours.  I relaxed and gave myself a break and stopped TRYING.  It was a truly enlightening experience for me creatively and was exactly what I needed during this busy season.  Do I have mounds of editing to complete by next week? Yes.  Do I have more emails to respond to than I know what to do with? Yes.  Did I put this session on the top of my list to edit, just for me? YES.  I didn't want this story sitting on my computer until after the holidays, after the incredible high of this experience had subsided.  No.  It was just way too important to me.  

So, here we are, shot and edited with my heart. 

Coleen Hodges2 Comments