Coleen Hodges

Hi there.
I'm Co.


I am a mother, artist, teacher and friend.

I take photographs for many reasons, but mostly because I love to tell a good story.

I try not to take myself too seriously, but I do consider documenting life to be a serious and worthy task.

I have my head in the clouds fifty percent of the time, and the other half I spend working hard and getting my hands dirty.


What I Do―

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I make photographs.

I’m just a mom, partner and friend who happens to love her camera.


I raise autism awareness.

Spectrum Inspired is a global, photography-based non profit organization, that is made up of hundreds of volunteer photographers, who give the gift of free imagery to families and individuals impacted by autism. But it’s more than free pictures. It’s a vehicle by which we raise awareness for and destigmatize autism spectrum disorders.


I teach photography.

I never knew I could be so fulfilled in any career, truly. Photography education has not only become my full time job, but it has connected me to the most amazing people―whom I might not otherwise know. I am constantly filled with gratitude for the creative community that surrounds me. Like the rest of you, I started at zero, knowing nothing about photography but hungry to learn. I had some successes and many failures, all which led me to where I am today.


I talk about art & life.

I love talking to other creatives. So much so, it became a podcast!

Hang with Sarah Driscoll and I while we candidly chat and interview influential artists on creative living, finding their voice, and all things inspirational. This empowering podcast is honest, raw and straight up. Eff bombs may be dropped and creative misfits are always welcome. Come sit by our fire.



A few nice things people are saying.

Having Coleen as my mentor is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. Coleen helped me in a very encouraging way to see my self-worth as an artist. She gave me the push to become better. She listens. She teaches. She cares. She is one of the nicest people in this whole industry. On top of that, Coleen is honest and real. I trust her and her advices. Coleen is definitely professional. The whole mentoring process itself was smooth and enjoyable. The way Coleen set up the mentoring session is easy and efficient, which is very important to me as a mom with little kids trying to fit everything in a tight schedule. I am forever grateful for Coleen’s help.
— Amy Dangerfield, Photographer
Coleen Hodges is an amazing photographer, but what really drew me to seek her out for a mentorship, is her insanely big heart. It pours out in her work, how she interacts and encourages others on social platforms, as well as how she runs her multiple successful businesses. I needed feedback and an in-depth review of my work from someone who I didn’t know personally, but respected immensely―both creatively and professionally. She was the perfect choice. She gave me a really detailed review and fresh perspective on how I could continue to grow my craft. And honestly, reaching out to her was a game changer for my business. Her continued faith in me and my work has been the lift I needed to carry me through times of self-doubt. And she hired me to capture her with her children―which was just amazing. Nothing but love and admiration for this woman.
— Stormy Solis, Photographer + Educator
I was lucky enough to win a mentorship with Coleen where she went over my website and social media platforms. She took the time to review my accounts prior to our meeting and gave feedback on the cohesiveness of my images and the voice/message I was conveying―all things I was majorly struggling with. She tailored her advice based on what my goals were, and gave me very specific tips on areas where I could improve. We even had high level discussions on where I should focus my energy to get my business to the place I want it to be.

I came away from our session with a TON of small changes on my to do list―all things that were easy to implement but that I had never thought to do. I now feel like I have a clearer direction on how to shape my business going forward.

Having someone critique your portfolio and online presence can be intimidating, but Co is such a warm and genuine person that it felt easy and comfortable. Just having someone at her level (I mean, her work is insane) take the time to share her knowledge with me was invaluable. If you’re looking for a super talented, business-savvy photographer with a heart of gold to help you get to the next level, look no further!
— Christina Quach, Photographer

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