Intimate Guide


not the classic boudoir.

This is not the classic boudoir. There will be no thongs and high heels.  I think those are fine, that’s just not the point of this session.  The point of this session is to capture YOU…your strength, your heart, your vulnerability.  The point is to dig into your soul, find your voice and create an image of it.  I want to document you, as you are, right now.  None of us are guaranteed a tomorrow.  Show your children, your partner and most importantly, YOURSELF, just who you are in this world.

The Experience + Style.

These sessions are fully styled.  Hair and makeup will be provided and as well as assistance with clothing selection.  Each session is unique and special, as are you, so the clothing we pick should be representative of that.

Remember, I am in full control of this session, so don’t worry about what you look like in the camera, that’s MY job and I promise I won’t mess that job up.


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