I am so passionate about teaching.

I want to help you on your creative path in any way I can.  I truly believe in community over competition and that each artist has something special to give to the world.  I would be honored to be a part of your artistic journey.

Portfolio Review | 250
You will send me 50 images that best reflect your current work. I will review them in detail and discuss my thoughts in depth with you via a one-hour online meeting.

Build Your Own | 200
One hour where you can build your own mentorship experience!  Ask me anything and everything! Want to work on editing? Awesome! Want to talk about business? Sweet!  I'm all yours and I'm an open book!

In Person One-On-One1 | 1000
This is a full and intense day of learning and growth.  You will come to my house where I will have coffee and snacks.  We will do an intense portfolio review, discuss business, branding, editing and inspiration.  We will then have a live shoot with a model family, after which will grab a bite to eat and a drink and edit that session.

Does any of the above sound like something you would be in to? Click the button below and tell me which Mentoring Program(s) you are interested in and I'll be in touch with more information within 48 hours!