Newborn Guide


hey baby.

All newborn sessions are lifestyle and done in the comfort of your own home.  I typically like to shoot these sessions at 10am, due to light.  I will often have families send me a few iPhone pictures of their master bedroom, the living area and the baby’s nursery, so that I can get a better idea of the lighting situation.  I use all natural light, meaning window light only, and am very comfortable in low-light situations, so don’t worry!  These tend to be my favorite sessions for many reasons but mostly because I didn’t hire a photographer to document either of my babies after birth.  The importance of those moments was lost on me as a new (and overwhelmed) mother and I wish with my whole heart that I had realized how truly fleeting that time was.  

The Experience.

It’s important to book your session early.  I recommend to secure your spot earlier in your pregnancy.  Once the session fee is secured, I put your due date on my calendar to hold your spot.  Once baby is born, we book your session within the first two weeks of their life.  Here are a few tips to ensure your session goes smoothly:

  1. Try to feed baby before my arrival, so that baby is nice and sleepy.

  2. Have baby in a diaper only, wrapped in a warm blanket.

  3. Have a bottle of breast milk or formula handy in case we need to top baby off.

  4. If baby takes a paci, have it ready.

  5. I like to shoot in the master bedroom, so try to have it tidied up with minimal clutter if possible.  This is true for any room/area of your home you’d like to incorporate into the session.

  6. If there is anything important you’d like to incorporate into your session, please tell me!  These are your memories and that is important to me!


I have a few headbands/wraps/blankets in my lifestyle bag, but it’s important to note that I am not a prop photographer.  I truly believe that props take away from the true subject, your little one.  Instead, I use your arms or big brother/sister as a prop.  My goal is create meaningful, emotive imagery for you to cherish for the rest of your life.

A side note about headbands:  If the headband is too large or overwhelming, it takes away from the beauty of a newborn, in my opinion.  I LOVE headbands and wraps, but simple ones that truly complement the baby.


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