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Ace + Coleen Workshops

  • Flagstaff, Arizona (map)

He is loud and in your face, she is quiet and an observer. 
She loves being in the outdoors, he loves a good hotel.
He loves junk food, she loves a fresh farmer's market.
She is tiny and small, he is big and tall.
He loves the mornings, and she loves the night.
She is a mom, he thinks he is a dad... to a dog.
He is a Millennial and she is Generation Y.
She likes dark and moody, he loves bright and colorful.

And no matter how different they may be from one another... these two share such a strong passion for photography and a love for sharing that passion with others.

Learn more about Ace Fanning + Coleen Hodges.


This TWO-DAY workshop is like nothing we've ever done before―and to say we are excited would be an understatement! We whole-heartedly believe that to be successful in this industry―it takes a lot more than just being a good technical photographer, it requires a lot of passion and heart, but also a community you can depend on when times get tough. This workshop takes ALL of those things and brings them together into one kick-ass weekend. 

We literally have SO many points we want to hit that we felt a TWO day workshop was not just a desire, but instead, a necessity. 

....oh, and on top of being a TWO day workshop, its also TWO workshops in one. If that makes no sense, make sure to keep reading....


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